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Larry Glick WBZ February 14, 1978 (Pt2)
April 03, 2014 11:20 PM PDT

Commercial for Cannon Mountain Ski Resort.

Vita calls to wish Larry a Happy Valentines Day. Vita goes into detail about a particular show she saw on “In Search Of”. Larry and Vita have a lengthy discussion about the Romans and Israelites.

Throughout this part of the tape, audio tones of varying frequencies can be heard. Possibly it is a radio station on an adjacent frequency doing some maintenance.


Larry talks about religion. Would you bow down if a spear were pointed at you?

Commercial for the Teamsters Union.

Network News at the top of the hour. News on the very tough winter the East Coast had been going through in 1977-1978. An interesting segment on the climate is included. That the winters of the 1950’s and 1960’s were mild and that we are getting back to a more normal climate. (Gee, now in 2014 that whole scenario may be repeating itself again almost 40 years later with the mild winters of the 1990’s and 2000’s and a brutal winter in 2014 in the North East and Midwest).

Larry gives the weather and dates the program, Tuesday February 14th (1978).

Ron calls from Buffalo, NY (first time caller - round of applause). Ron jogs Larry’s memory about something Larry may have forgotten. Larry remembers, and apologizes for forgetting. Perhaps an interview he missed. Ron was trained as a Jesuit seminarian. He studied for Nine years but gave it all up. Larry asks why, and Ron gives his reasons for leaving the seminary. Larry and Ron have conversation about religion. Some station fading.

Larry Glick WBZ February 14, 1978 (Pt1)
March 06, 2014 10:50 PM PST

As I threaded a brand new reel-to-reel tape for this February 14, 1978 version of Larry’s show, I was setting the record levels a few minutes before midnight as I caught a minute of The Paul Benzaquin Show. Paul was describing what is now referred to as Medical Marijuana and how it is used to counter the effects of chemotherapy.

Warren calls Larry to remind him that he called the program when he was 10 years old. Warren is now 14 years old. He reminds Larry that he invited him to his 10-year-old birthday party and some of that conversation. Warren is now a freshman at Archbishop Williams High School in Braintree, Ma.

Kay is the next caller. Larry sings one of his funny made-up songs using the name Kay. Kay speaks of her phobia of riding in a car. She was born in Ireland. Larry speaks of his travels in Ireland. Larry kids Kay that she should try Paddy Irish Whiskey to help her phobia.

Norma from Brookville calls. She speaks about recovering from the snowstorm. She says both her and her dog share the same birthday. Norma ancestors are from Ireland also, and so they talk some more about Ireland. Norma’s daughter just woke-up and she is 9 years old. Larry asks to speak with her daughter. Larry and Norma’s daughter sing happy birthday to Norma.

Larry plays the famous, funny audio clip of Doctor Johnson, a Podiatrist from Cleveland.

Larry Glick WBZ February 11, 1978 (Pt4)
February 04, 2014 03:43 AM PST

Larry wishes a happy Chinese New Year, the year of the horse.
Station fading. Station ID: WBZ and WBZ-FM 106.7 MHz.
Network news at 4AM. Then local news at 4:05am.

Larry continues his conversation with Kevin who he was speaking with before the news.

Judy from Scituate is the next caller. She speaks of a clean up that is necessary after recent weather related events. Larry mentions that he used to live in North Scituate.

Time check: It’s 17 after 4. Next is a commercial for the Teamsters.

Larry talks with George Diblasio, a Sergeant with The Westwood Police. They speak about a ban in the city of Westwood. 21 minutes after 4. Ronnie is next says it’s nice to see everyone pitching together. Ronnie is a truck driver. Larry begins to tell a story just as the tape runs out.

Larry Glick WBZ February 11, 1978 (Pt3)
January 03, 2014 10:05 AM PST

Next Caller, “McGillicutty” has a good call for Larry. A cheesecake place in Harvard Square offers $25 if you can eat a 5 lb. Cheesecake in 16 minutes. Larry and McGillicutty have an interesting conversation for several minutes.


Time check: It’s 24 before 4. Next caller is Robert from Newton has a brief conversation with Larry. Another caller talks about the weather with Larry. It’s 20 minutes before 4. It’s Saturday morning February 11th. Next caller is Chris from Boxford, Ma. He is 13 going on 14 and last called Larry on New Years in 1976. Chris talks about a book on sons of someone famous. Chris refers to the book where they mention a radio host called “Late Night Larry”.

The next caller is KC from Quincy, Ma. He has been snow bound since Monday. He wants someone to call him.

Kevin from Wollaston is the next caller. He worked at the city hospital, and speaks at length about addiction.
Larry plays a comedy cut by Stiller and Meara. Station fades at the end of clip.

Larry Glick WBZ February 11, 1978 (Pt2)
December 01, 2013 06:58 PM PST

Next caller, “Mister Zip” says he likes Jeannie (last caller). They talk about WBZ being on reduced power at the present time. Mister Zip speaks with Larry about a friend of his. This conversation would be politically incorrect today. It would create a massive uproar, with calls for the announcer’s resignation despite apologies. Larry is able pull it off due to the times being different 35 years ago.

Next caller, Irene from Attenborough, MA. First time caller (round of applause). Irene would like a favor. It is regarding a mutual friend that is in the hospital. And is regarding a letter that Irene wrote. They speak about Frank Sinatra who was roasted (probably on TV that night). Larry plays a bit of “My Way” by Sinatra.

Larry does an unusual station ID at the top of the hour that caught my ears “The Spirit New England, WBZ and WBZ-FM, Group W, Westinghouse Broadcasting. I wonder if they were simulcasting the AM and FM due to the weather. Earlier there was a mention the WBZ was on reduced power. Network news (edited out).

Time check: It’s 11 minutes after 3. Next caller, Alberta tells a story of her dying and returning to life she calls it going beyond and back.

The next call is another example how very much times have changed in the past 35 years. Cliff from Amesbury, a first time caller (round of applause) opens up by saying Larry sounded like Anita Bryant a few minutes ago. Larry, not knowing where he was going says because he had a glass of orange juice? Cliff continues: saying to Larry “has it every hit your family?” meaning homosexuality. Cliff tells a story of how he is straight, but his brother is homosexual. Larry stands his ground making his argument. Cliff makes his claim that it hit close to home. Cliff tells a story that his brother was supposed to be married to another man previously. Cliff uses the word “Gay” referring to his brother. Perhaps one of the first times the word Gay has been used. An amazing debate!

Larry Glick WBZ February 11, 1978 (Pt1)
November 03, 2013 08:44 PM PST

We join Larry as he is speaking with a listener who has been playing the accordion. Larry asks her to play something Polish for Muck who is trying to get to the station in the snow. She plays Melody of Love as Larry joins in the singing. This is classic Larry Glick and how he interacts with his listeners.

Next caller (Jack) speaks with Larry about Charles Lindbergh and Lindbergh’s dealings with Germany during the 1930’s and 1940’s. The subject stays with aviation, but they speak about some recent air crashes. Then more talk of the recent snowstorms.

Larry refers to the next caller as Manny. They speak about a guest Larry has on the previous night by the name of Billy. Manny goes into a coughing fit. He said he should stop smoking. Larry agrees with him. They talk about music and an artist named Seamus Kennedy. Larry plays a short clip of Seamus Kennedy playing the Mandolin.

Donna from Baltimore is next (first time caller) applause. She is a receptionist for a doggie spa. Larry and Donna talk a bit about dogs and Larry says goodbye.

A female named Jeannie speaks with Larry, and she sounds as if she’s either very tired or slightly inebriated. Larry has some fun at her expense. After going on for some time, Larry decides to end the call.

Larry Glick WBZ February 7, 1978 (Pt4)
October 03, 2013 11:08 PM PDT

Let’s take another call…Lady caller (Ida) tells of police cars coming and going during the blizzard crises. She is a first time caller (round of applause). She tells a story of her son’s trip home during the crises. She says thank god he had a CB in his car! Larry tells a humorous story regarding panty hose and Ida laughs along.

It’s 11 minutes before 5 in the morning. Boston is still without power.

Next caller is a second time caller. He tells a dog story about a German shepherd and a Doberman. He requests the Baba Luci song. Larry has some fume with “Si” and then he plays Baba Luci.

Next Caller is Nora. Her son has a German Shepherd and asks a question about nipping. Larry answers her question and gives some pointers on training dogs.

Gary Lapierre presents the 5 O’clock WBZ news. 80% of Boston is without power. An urgent need of snowmobile operators is needed.

Larry Glick WBZ February 7, 1978 (Pt3)
September 04, 2013 11:53 PM PDT

While the station is still in the news gathering mode, Larry plays a Mario Lanza recording to stall for time. Larry speaks with Sergeant John Connolly of the Dedham Police Department regarding the bad weather in the area. (Thanks Danwinking

WBZ Valentine Promo.

Time check 22 after 4.

Next call is Bill from West Brookfield. Bill talks about height requirements for pilots. Larry and Bill speak about World War 2 and General Patton and Larry tells a story of how he barely escaped being in The Battle of the Bulge when he was injured in France.

Bob Raleigh WBZ promo
Paul Benzaquin WBZ Promo

Next caller, Teeta is stranded at Boston College. Larry has an update on the storm. 80 % of Boston is without power.
Back to the caller who corrects his name, which is Peter, not Teeta. Larry apologizes. Larry plays some marching band music after Peter mentions that the Director of the Boston College Band is in the hospital. Peter has a few favors to ask The Godfather. Larry says he is busy, but just then the theme music begins and The Godfather makes his appearance. Peter asks for him to play the German marching song and Gunga Din. Godfather says don’t be greedy stick with one request. Peter asks The Godfather to shoot him off the air. The Godfather obliges as The German marching song plays.

Larry Glick WBZ February 7, 1978 (Pt2)
August 06, 2013 05:19 AM PDT

Commercial for Snows Chowder.

A caller suggests that Larry should call The Larry King program (Larry King just began his famous talk show a week earlier). It is obvious that Larry Glick is not impressed by the caller’s suggestion. Glick says let King call him.

Next caller asks what’s new? Larry sounds a bit edgy (probably from the previous callers suggestion). Then a breaking news update regarding the blizzard and power outages.

Next caller is a first time caller. She is glad there is no power outage there because she waited for ten years to get through to Larry (round of applause). She asks Larry a question about Jay J. Armes, an American amputee, and private investigator. Larry recalls that he interviewed Mr. Armes previously. They talk a bit about Mr. Armes work.


More blizzard and power outage updates.

Time Check: It’s 6 minutes before 4. Next caller suggests it would be easier to announce the places that will be open today. Next caller was wondering about some people that were stranded earlier in the day on the freeway. She is calling from Randolph, Ma. They speak about the weather. Larry says he prefers much warmer weather as he plays a Hawaiian Hula recording.


Another call from a listener named McGillicutty about power outages.

Local news is next at 4am. Mostly weather related.

Larry plays a Stiller and Meara comedy record as they gather some more weather related news.

Larry Glick WBZ February 7, 1978 (Pt1)
July 06, 2013 07:35 PM PDT

This is a more complete version of the clip uploaded on February 7, 2013 called Great Blizzard of 78.

This segment begins with a short clip (1 minute 47seconds) of the Paul Benzaquin show discussing the blizzard with city officials.

We join Larry as he is in conversation with a listener. Larry talks a bit about musicians since his caller happens to play guitar. Larry jokingly claims to play the mandolin, and then he plays a clip of someone playing one. Then Larry plays the song Dueling Banjos. Larry finally shoots the caller off the air.

Larry talks to an employee of WBZ about the blizzard.

Larry talks about the snow with a caller (he calls himself “Snake”) who had difficulty getting home. Snake is a cook at Gillette. Some joking between Larry and Snake about Gillette and Schick.


Time check: It’s 24 before 4.
Some station fading occurs, and as the signal returns a caller is giving some traffic and snow information.

Promo for The Paul Benzaquin Show.

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