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Larry Glick WBZ March 16, 1978 (Pt5)
May 03, 2016 12:07 AM PDT

Time for another call from Dave in Lansing, Michigan. Dave just got done playing racquetball and works in a photo finishing plant. Larry has never played racquetball. Dave goes into detail on the rules of the sport. They then go into detail on some topics of the time, including energy conservation.


Next is a comedy skit by Stiller and Meara.

St. Patrick's Day promos.

Next call is Shaun from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a first time caller (round of applause). Shaun was born on May 16th, the same day as a previous caller. Shaun has a 140 acre Bee farm that he attends to with his wife. Larry and Shaun talk at length about the Honey Industry. Shaun speaks about being shot down in Vietnam while flying a helicopter. Sadly this is the end of the tape. It was just getting interesting too!

Larry Glick WBZ March 16, 1978 (Pt4)
April 01, 2016 05:18 PM PDT

We join Larry as he is going to record a promo live to be aired at a later date. WBZ time 11 and a half before 4.

Next caller is Brad from Port Huron, Michigan but he is Gloucester, Massachusetts now. Brad has a question for Larry. He wants a sign put up because he has a problem pulling into his driveway. Brad is in the service and is talking to Larry from a cutter. The talk turns to Coast Guard rescue operations. Brad mentions that he is a first time caller by the way, round of applause!


A.P. Network news at 4 AM.

Larry reads the weather and dates the program Thursday, March 16th (1978) One day before St. Patricks Day. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Next caller is Rich from Lexington, Massachusetts. Rich taxes Larrys memory regarding horseradish. Then the subject turns to Jimmy and Billy Carter. They talk about Larrys 11th anniversary on WBZ. Rich mentions the TV show F-Troop from the 1960's.

Larry Glick WBZ March 16, 1978 (Pt3)
March 01, 2016 03:46 PM PST

Time check, “It's Nine minutes after Three”.

Next caller is Howie, first time caller (round of applause). Howie is a business student at Boston University, but is thinking of “bailing out” and becoming a police officer. Larry gives a very diplomatic answer. During the conversation it is discovered that Larry and Howie share the same birthday, May 16th. Larry mentions that after he got out of the service he wanted to join the FBI, but because of a war injury he couldn't. A very interesting conversation ensues about career plans and goals.


Next caller, Jimmy is first time caller (round of applause). Jimmy works in a food warehouse and can't sleep. Larry gives Jimmy some tips on how to fall asleep.


Next caller is Mark from Ashville, Ohio. Mark gives his last name so Larry has to bleep it out. Mark asks why so Larry gives an explanation of why they must bleep out last names. Mark has a comment about what Howie spoke about earlier. What follows is an in-depth discussion about religion between Larry and Mark.


Larry Glick WBZ March 16, 1978 (Pt2)
February 04, 2016 03:00 PM PST

Next caller is Judy, a regular goes into great depth of a story about Anastasia and the Czar that she saw on a TV program called “In Search Of”. Larry mentions a NEW device called a video tape recorder that he wants to buy so he can watch some of these programs that he misses.

Next caller is Tony who says he is depressed. Tony talks about Larry playing the violin. He calls Larry out that it is just a sound effect and not actually Larry. Larry has some fun with Tony, playing some of his sound clips.

Network News at 3:00 AM.

Larry reads the weather and dates the program Thursday March 16th, 1978.

Ace Glick, is in excellent voice as he reads the sports scores.

Larry Glick WBZ March 16, 1978 (Pt1)
January 03, 2016 04:24 PM PST

We join Larry as he is ending his conversation with Richie, who requests that Larry play “The Baloney Song” which Larry plays after a commercial.


Next caller is Joyce has been listening to Larry for 7 years. She lives in Lynn, but is originally from Cambridge, Ma. Joyce saw one of Larry's hypnosis shows. Muck had to delete the word hypnosis because WBZ would not allow Larry to promote his night club act. Joyce used the word a few times within a minute and it had to be deleted each time. Joyce is 27 years old and is a cab driver for “Checker Cab” but is temporarily off work because she has a cast on her leg. She tripped on some ice. She has driven a cab for over a year on the night shift. Joyce tells a few interesting stories of her encounters.


Next caller is Gaspar from Everett. Gaspar brings up the very interesting topic of cloning a human being, but Larry, not buying into where he is going, winds up shooting Gaspar off the air.

Next caller, George asks Larry a question. He knows a friend of Larry's who lives in Florida. Must have been a secret question because Larry understands the question. George is a first time caller (round of applause). He lives in East Bridgewater, Ma.

Next caller is Elliott from Falmouth, Ma. A first time caller (round of applause). He tells a story of a motorcycle incident. Elliott then tells of his military career as a pilot.

Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt5)
December 03, 2015 04:29 PM PST

Let's take some calls. “The Tiger” from Lynn calls with a favor. There are two guys at work that hasn't done a thing all night. He want Larry to get his “Dogs” on the the two slackers. Larry sicks the dogs on those guys. Next call is Officer Jack from Police Station Four. They listen to Larry all night. Jack and Larry talk about the life of a police officer.


Walter is next caller. He is police officer that is on duty. Larry guesses that he is “Trooper Bruce” from a retirement party for his father. The topic continues about a police officers career. Walter asks Larry to play “The Hawaiian Cowboy” which Larry does.


Let's take another call. Next caller is Fred. He recently lost 12 pounds for a total of 60 pounds so far. Round of applause. Fred asks Larry to put on his foreign affairs hat and asks him what he thinks of the recent activity in South Lebanon. Larry answers the question in a serious manner. Fred and Larry have an interesting discussion. Larry ends the conversation in a humorous manner.

Next caller is (another) Fred from Vermilion, Ohio. A first time caller (round of applause). Fred is a police officer also. However with only 37 seconds of tape left, the conversation ends here.

Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt4)
November 01, 2015 06:06 PM PST

Time check: “20 minutes before 4 WBZ time” Let's take another call. Dominic calls Larry to say he was offered a management position where he works. That would mean working days and sleeping nights where he would miss The Larry Glick Show. He is having trouble deciding what to do. Larry and Dominic discusses the benefits if he does. Dominic sings “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”. He also asks Larry to play a Mario Lanza song which Larry does.

Time check: “12 minutes before 4” Let's take another call. Next caller asks Larry to guess who he is. After a hint or two, Larry guesses most of the details, but doesn't get the name. “Eddie” refreshes Larry's mind. Eddie talks about listening to police calls on a scanner. He can't believe all the crime that's going on. Eddie talks about police being bribed. Eddie is a Ham operator and talked to a person who used to work at KYW in Philadelphia, sister station of WBZ.


Network News at 5 AM.

Larry reads the weather and dates the program Wednesday March 15th, 1978. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt3)
October 03, 2015 11:16 AM PDT

Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt3)

And now back to the Larry Glick Show. Time check, “It's Eight Minutes after Three”. Bob from Hamden calls and inquires of Larry that is hypnosis a possible form of brainwashing? Larry addresses that question in depth. Next caller is Arthur from Saugus, first time caller (round of applause) is police officer and addresses an article. They discuss psychological evaluation of criminals.


Next caller is Don from Hampton, Virginia. Don called a month earlier and reminds Larry about an accident he had where he injured his back. He is now taking quite a bit of pain killers. Don talks about his elderly parents, aged 70 and 75 going back to college.

Next caller, Chuck Morgan (radio name) a former Glicknick who works at WPBR Palm Beach, Florida. Chuck says he met Larry previously. Muck chimes in to say he knows Chuck also. He mentions his station is currently airing The Larry King Show on The Mutual Radio Network. Chuck was able to hear the WBZ signal from his car a few minutes ago. Has checked in the past and was not able to. The begin to discuss the differences between radio markets including New York and Boston.


Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt2)
September 01, 2015 08:24 PM PDT

This next segment from Larry's show on March15, 1978 is a call every talk show host hopes they never get. You never expect a call like this on a light hearted overnight talk show, yet Larry's kindness and understanding of his listeners invited a gentleman by the name of Dean to call Larry and pour his heart and soul out to Larry after finding out that his daughter had just passed away in a terrible automobile accident. Larry at first is mostly speechless, then he manages to console the caller as best he can and offers a place for him to contact for support.

Next lady caller (never gives her name despite Larry asking her several times) speaks of nutrition, or lack of in doughnuts. The talk turns to exercise and she offers Larry a few suggestions on exercising. Next she asks if Larry would play Gemini from the astrology album. She then begins to explain that she danced with baseball great Ted Williams during Word War II while he was in the Navy. Larry plays Gemini for her.

AP Network News at 3:00 AM is next. This is an unedited newscast from 1978, truly a window to the past. Larry reads the weather and dates the program Wednesday March 15, 1978. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt1)
July 01, 2015 10:03 PM PDT

We begin as Larry is in conversation with a caller. Larry talks about sending letters or cards who may be in a hospital. In specific the caller and Larry speak of someone who is in the Shriners burn unit.

Next caller is Joe from Phoenix, New York. After 7 years he cant believe he made it! Round of applause from Larry. Joe mentions that Larry is a Hypnotist. What follows is a series of bleeps (some get through) Larry says that he is not allowed to say that he is a (bleep) hypnotist. Some fun follows with the bleep button. Joe is a machinist. He used to be a salesman. Joe tells a sad story about his wife and himself.


Next a quick call from “HB” from Roxbury. Next caller, Leon from Virginia. Leon is an agricultural pilot. He tells a story of his craft of spraying crops. At the end of the very interesting conversation Larry asks Leon if he is a first time caller. Round of applause.

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