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Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt4)
November 01, 2015 06:06 PM PST

Time check: “20 minutes before 4 WBZ time” Let's take another call. Dominic calls Larry to say he was offered a management position where he works. That would mean working days and sleeping nights where he would miss The Larry Glick Show. He is having trouble deciding what to do. Larry and Dominic discusses the benefits if he does. Dominic sings “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”. He also asks Larry to play a Mario Lanza song which Larry does.

Time check: “12 minutes before 4” Let's take another call. Next caller asks Larry to guess who he is. After a hint or two, Larry guesses most of the details, but doesn't get the name. “Eddie” refreshes Larry's mind. Eddie talks about listening to police calls on a scanner. He can't believe all the crime that's going on. Eddie talks about police being bribed. Eddie is a Ham operator and talked to a person who used to work at KYW in Philadelphia, sister station of WBZ.


Network News at 5 AM.

Larry reads the weather and dates the program Wednesday March 15th, 1978. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt3)
October 03, 2015 11:16 AM PDT

Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt3)

And now back to the Larry Glick Show. Time check, “It's Eight Minutes after Three”. Bob from Hamden calls and inquires of Larry that is hypnosis a possible form of brainwashing? Larry addresses that question in depth. Next caller is Arthur from Saugus, first time caller (round of applause) is police officer and addresses an article. They discuss psychological evaluation of criminals.


Next caller is Don from Hampton, Virginia. Don called a month earlier and reminds Larry about an accident he had where he injured his back. He is now taking quite a bit of pain killers. Don talks about his elderly parents, aged 70 and 75 going back to college.

Next caller, Chuck Morgan (radio name) a former Glicknick who works at WPBR Palm Beach, Florida. Chuck says he met Larry previously. Muck chimes in to say he knows Chuck also. He mentions his station is currently airing The Larry King Show on The Mutual Radio Network. Chuck was able to hear the WBZ signal from his car a few minutes ago. Has checked in the past and was not able to. The begin to discuss the differences between radio markets including New York and Boston.


Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt2)
September 01, 2015 08:24 PM PDT

This next segment from Larry's show on March15, 1978 is a call every talk show host hopes they never get. You never expect a call like this on a light hearted overnight talk show, yet Larry's kindness and understanding of his listeners invited a gentleman by the name of Dean to call Larry and pour his heart and soul out to Larry after finding out that his daughter had just passed away in a terrible automobile accident. Larry at first is mostly speechless, then he manages to console the caller as best he can and offers a place for him to contact for support.

Next lady caller (never gives her name despite Larry asking her several times) speaks of nutrition, or lack of in doughnuts. The talk turns to exercise and she offers Larry a few suggestions on exercising. Next she asks if Larry would play Gemini from the astrology album. She then begins to explain that she danced with baseball great Ted Williams during Word War II while he was in the Navy. Larry plays Gemini for her.

AP Network News at 3:00 AM is next. This is an unedited newscast from 1978, truly a window to the past. Larry reads the weather and dates the program Wednesday March 15, 1978. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Larry Glick WBZ March 15, 1978 (Pt1)
July 01, 2015 10:03 PM PDT

We begin as Larry is in conversation with a caller. Larry talks about sending letters or cards who may be in a hospital. In specific the caller and Larry speak of someone who is in the Shriners burn unit.

Next caller is Joe from Phoenix, New York. After 7 years he cant believe he made it! Round of applause from Larry. Joe mentions that Larry is a Hypnotist. What follows is a series of bleeps (some get through) Larry says that he is not allowed to say that he is a (bleep) hypnotist. Some fun follows with the bleep button. Joe is a machinist. He used to be a salesman. Joe tells a sad story about his wife and himself.


Next a quick call from “HB” from Roxbury. Next caller, Leon from Virginia. Leon is an agricultural pilot. He tells a story of his craft of spraying crops. At the end of the very interesting conversation Larry asks Leon if he is a first time caller. Round of applause.

Larry Glick WBZ March 11, 1978 (Pt4)
June 02, 2015 10:06 PM PDT

Larry gets tongue tied answering the next call. Elaine called to say her daughter said thank you to Larry. Elaine explains the reason her daughter said thanks. After some kibitzing Elaine asks Larry to play “LEO” from the famous horoscope That Larry played from time to time. Elaine was born August 7, 1936. She is not ashamed of her age. She says she is a very young 41. Larry plays the Leo cut.

A quick tune from Jimmy Durante, then a commercial for The Teamsters.
Station ID and another commercial.

A quick call from Jeff the Magician.

Larry must interrupt him for the news at the top of the hour.
An interesting segment during the news on The Panama Canal Treaty regarding a permanent U.S. military base in the Canal Zone after the year 2000 (22 years in the future at the time. Now 15 years in the past!)

Larry reads the weather and dates the program Saturday March 11th, 1978. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Larry does a live recording of a promo that will run on WBZ the following week, then he returns to Jeff the Magician. Jeff had all 4 of his his wisdom teeth removed today. Jeff gives details of the procedure and his preparation for it.


Valerie, a first time caller (round of applause) from Charlottesville, Virginia is next on the line. Valerie tells a story about Anastasia. It may relate to Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna. However the tape ends at this point and we will never know how this conversation concludes.

Larry Glick WBZ March 11, 1978 (Pt3)
May 01, 2015 10:30 PM PDT

First caller after the news is Alan from Stoneham a first time caller (round of applause). Alan is a pilot for Pakistan Airlines. He flies a DC8. Alan has an interesting story to tell but is reluctant to go into details. Larry coaxes Alan to give the story but leave out the sensitive details. Alan talks of Idi Amin, Uganda, and several other African Countries. Alan and Larry have a very interesting, and extensive conversation about Alan's career and flying in general.

Commercials, Promos, and Public Service Announcements.

Next caller, Charlie DiGiovanni, the wisecracking Boston cabdriver made famous by Larry Glick calls with a few comments.

Next caller, Bob from Roslindale, first time caller (round of applause). Bob and Larry proceed with some “shop talk” about flying. Bob was in The Air Force. Bob is 23 years old. Another interesting conversation with Bob and some comments touching on the subject of hypnosis, but not mentioning it directly due to WBZ's restriction on Larry mentioning anything about the subject.

Larry Glick WBZ March 11, 1978 (Pt2)
April 02, 2015 10:02 PM PDT

Station ID then Norma calls from Brookville. After a short chat, Norma puts her cousin, Mary on to talk with Larry. Mary is 18 years old. Larry and Mary about drinking and alcoholism.

Arden from Needham is the next caller. Arden reminds Larry of her previous call when he played the graveyard clip. They talk about a caller to Larry's program by the name of “Fitsy”.

Next caller, Ginny reminds Larry of the name of a caller he was looking for. She is 77 years old. She speaks of her becoming a US citizen. Ginny also talks about the old country (Scotland) and not recognizing her brother when she visited there after 40 years.

Next caller, Tony from Pawtucket suggests that Larry call Hillsgrove airport in Warwick. Then he bring up the song Babbaluci. Tony asks about a Stan Freberg comedy album.

Station ID and then network news at the top of the hour.

Larry gives the weather and dates the program, Saturday March 11, 1978. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Larry Glick WBZ March 11, 1978 (Pt1)
March 02, 2015 10:52 PM PST

Ending of news at 12:05AM

Larry Glick theme and show open with Larry's welcoming monologue. Larry tells of his interview at 12:30 with Hank and Bunny Searls who wrote the book “Overboard”, which tells of their experiences while traveling the South Pacific. Larry tells of an upcoming interview next week. Also, he tells of a religious book he just received and Larry will have the author as a guest in the future.

Tape is edited to a time later in the same show.

First caller is Gary a first time caller from Fitchburg (round of applause). Gary mentions Larry's hypnosis which was immediately bleeped out. Larry mentions that he can's talk about a word that starts with “H” and ends with “S”. After a brief lighthearted conversation Larry says he has to move on.

Cut to an unknown comedy routine by a lady.
Commercial for CVS.

“It's 16 minutes after 2 WBZ time”. Teamster’s Union commercial.

Next caller speaks about the ancestors of Larry's wife and their origins. The conversation switches quickly to the radio station and some personalities at WBZ.

Next caller is Bill from Framingham. Bill is a security guard in a hospital. Bill tells about some of his responsibilities in his occupation. After some lighthearted talk about Muck and his eating habits, Bill asks to be shot off the air. Larry obliges.


Larry Glick WBZ March 7, 1978 (Pt4)
February 01, 2015 02:05 PM PST

We begin the segment as Larry honors a request to play The Graveyard Marauder.

Paul Benzaquin Promo. Commercials.

Mike calls from Boston. He is a child care worker. Mike speaks about Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church, of which Mike was a member at on time. After some interesting information on Mike's experiences, Larry has to interrupt Mike for the News at the top of the hour.

Network news, including the shooting of Larry Flynt earlier that day.

Larry reads the weather an dates the program Today, Tuesday March 7th, 1978. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Larry returns to Mike and his experiences with Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church.

The tape ends abruptly in the middle of this interesting interview.

Larry Glick WBZ March 7, 1978 (Pt3)
January 03, 2015 05:30 PM PST

Larry speaks with Elizabeth Brenner a reporter For The Chicago Tribune. Larry interviews Elizabeth about an article called The Voice From The Dead.

WBZ Lucky Limerick Contest Promo.

Larry returns to the Lady who asked the word question from the previous segment. She requests that Larry play The Graveyard Marauder clip. He says okay after he takes another call.

Next caller is Jack from Palm Springs, California. Larry reminds Jack that he can't pick-up WBZ in Palm Springs. Jack responds that's correct.

They have some show from Florida (this is presumably was the new Larry King network talk show. Jack adds that he doesn't have the class that Larry does!) Today is Jack's birthday, so Larry sings happy birthday to him.


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